Living in a box

We stumble through life with our daily routines, our weekly chores, our monthly bills, our yearly birthdays and sometimes we can see a few years ahead like graduating, getting married or divorced ….  Our 100 years of life is limited in local time and we end up making it an even smaller box when we stumble through life. Why don’t we extend the box by simply going back a thousand years? How would that change our view of our lives today?

For me, it makes me really happy. Don’t take clean running water and most importantly “flush toilets” for granted. I enjoy every shower as a luxury. In Himalayas, it cost me US$0.50 for 1 small bucket of hot water and a cup for a shower. Amazingly, it can be done with at least 5 cups left. Extending back my living time frame makes me feel fortunate and makes me happy.

Now, extending our view out a thousand years into the future is a bit more challenging. Personally, my own best guest of my life’s view is probably 5 years with some degree of certainty and 10 years of high probability and beyond that it is really wishful thinking. While there is little ability to predict our own personal future, we can predict the future of humanity with great accuracy.

There is only one direction for humanity … up, up and away. The Internet will enrich humanity and accelerate our evolution. For all of us, our future must be connected. If we touch the Internet in what we do, than we are really connected to humanity’s future. And, that is why you are reading this because I am building the Internet one website at a time. I am really happy because I feel like I am helping the Internet grow … kind of like a gardener growing something amazing.

The World can be a magical place even if our lives are confined by a zero to one hundred year box. Life is more than what to do tomorrow, or the next week, or the next year?

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” Marcus Aurelius