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Life is a journey we create.  Our prime directive is to explore everything around us.  Keep an open mind free of expectations and the world may unfold beyond your wildest dreams.  It did for me.

Searching For The Truth

Truth is illuminating and liberating and it is always there for us to find.  Don’t let life’s illusions and desires obfuscate the truth.  Your gut never lies.


Web Design, Chartered Financial Analyst, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Education and Graphic Design.

Cool Things I have Done

I have traveled around the World with my wife and 3 year old son for 9 months.

My proudest achievement is teaching swimming and lifesaving courses to thousands of students because I can teach you to swim and when I come back in a year you will still know how to swim.   If I make you a million dollars and I come back in a year, you may not have the million anymore.

In my younger days, I have won an art competition and participated in a few juried art exhibits.

Other cool stuff include managing half a billion dollars of other people’s money and being a top performer in that kind of stuff.  I have created billion dollar publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In 1999, we looked back and asked what was our most significant achievement in the last thousand years?  The Internet? Computers? Semiconductors? Transistors?  It was The Gutenberg Press, the invention that allowed knowledge to proliferate enriching humanity which allowed the creation of the Internet. For the next thousand years the Internet will grow, transform and enrich humanity.  Be a part of this exciting future.

Web Presence

According to Darwin, our greatest strength is our ability to cooperate and adapt and these are the traits of designers, developers and volunteers who service the 74.6 million websites running on WordPress in full display at any WordPress Camp near you.  The future is here and it is a bright World.

Web Design

Your website is your home and it is a reflection of who you are.  It is a digital being with a head, a body and a foot.

Web Platform
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